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The Wanderer-Legacy of Hezarfen Game


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Thousands of scientific Hezarfen beyond the time the man has a formula. Who wants to be the judge of the world, and Mr. Hammer Time TicTac is in pursuit of this formula should not exceed malicious people’s hands. Travelers who want to rule the time, those who want to conquer the world and those who want to go on a journey between times … Everyone’s pursuit of this formula, this race will be very tough! You’d better be quick before they are formulated to achieve. Remember, Istanbul’s historic streets filled with people from the streets, from the forest maze-like alleys filled with mystery, you’re in for a great adventure and action. Jetpack, protective shields, magnets and invisibility potions to protect you, remember to take them. Hurry! Navigator and reveals the adventurous spirit, solve mysteries, completing the first round and Hezarfen formula you get!

In Istanbul, three different venues, run whatever he likes.
Galata Tower, mosques, bazaars, subways, bridges, forests and mystical places are waiting for you.
A unique gaming experience and 3D graphics.
Internet without requiring playable.
Obstacles and surprises await you on the road.
Game Center leaderboards and tasks.
Mystical experience is a unique city, accompanied by Turkish music.

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