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Aladdin’s Adventures World Game


Story of Aladdin’s Adventures World game:

-The story talk about a poor boy, whose name was Adin
Next day,Mutafar Witch went his home town and lies Adin to get the Lamp magic for him.
Mutafa is Sinister Witch.He stolen the Lamp magic from Adin and take Luna Princess.
Adin is very sad.But He is hero.He went Mutafa’s castle to rescue Luna princess.
He fight with Mutafar witch.Finally,Mutafar was killed by Adin .
Aladdin with his lovely wife Luna, they lived long and happy lives afterwards enjoying their good fortune.
Aladdin’s Adventures is interesting platform game.You will have the extremely experience that only have in Adin’s Adventures.
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Game features:
-3 Beautiful World: Desert,Castle and Cave World
-Many many Monsters
-3 Bosses in 3 World
-Nice graphics and good Concepts

How to play Adin’s Adventure:
-4 buttons go along with 4 directions, up, down, left and right
-Press the buttons to control
-Double tap to jump higher


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