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Angry Cat Vs. Mouse 2016 Game


Heeeeere kitty kitty… Have you sharpened those claws? Because the angry cat chase has begun!

Be a cute yet ferocious feline for a day. We can (probably) guarantee this simulation game is as realistic as it gets when it comes to our favorite pets. We promise, though; no hairballs.

Choose your favorite cat from a variety of textures. Sniff your way through your terrain and root out the intrusive mice! (They sure do make a yummy meal if you want a bonus!) Chase them out of the house, and maybe your master will give you a scrumptious treat! Run and attack with vigor using your claws and teeth. Explore a bastion roamed by humans and experience the thrill of hunting your prey! Eat and sleep to regain your energy, and get ready for more exciting challenges ahead.

Angry Cat Vs. Mouse 2016 Features:
•Variety of Angry Cats to choose from
•Easy and smooth controls
•Exciting mouse catching missions
•Vibrant graphics and Beautiful house to explore
•Indoor and outdoor locations
•Perform your routine Cat tasks
•Complete exciting challenges
•Eat and Sleep to regain your energy



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