Archery Champion Real Shooting Game


Continuously practice your archery skill in the training field and grow from a rookie to a true archery master!

Take a deep breath, then use your quasi-heart to aim at the point!

The quasi-heart of the bow and arrow will shift from side to side.Release it in the instant of reaching the bull’s eye then hit the heart!

Game features:
★ Rich game props:
7 bows, 10 arrows, 6 quivers, 2 characters, 5 sights. More powerful bows can decrease the shaking and the influence of the wind speed. The quiver can contain more arrows and trigger the special shooting effects. Aiming sight can expand the viewing distance therefore the aiming target in the distance can be aimed easier.
★ variety of gameplay:?
2 modes: Single Mode and 1v1 Battle. There are 5 maps in the single mode. Each map has 30 games which will totally satisfy your archery desire. Tryto challenge levels constantly to enhance your shooting skill and earn more coins to buy better game props.
There are also 5 difficulty levels in the 1v1 battle mode. The bounty is very different for different difficulty levels. Defeat the opponent and get the bounty, otherwise, your coins will be deducted.
★ Simple game operation:
Long press the screen to aim and release the arrow when the quasi-heart is close to the bull’s eye. Of course, you need to deviate from the point of viewproperly to ensure the most accurate shootingdue to the influence of wind speed. Spend a certain amount of gold coins to buy the props will help you shoot easier;
★ Rich rewards:
In addition to the daily entering awards, you can also gain a large number of bonus coins when you complete the level or successfully defeat your opponent. What’s more, there will be limited discount items for all the archery players to buy more items with less coins.

Use simple manipulation to experience the most realistic and exciting archery game!

Overcome the influence of wind speed and become the most focused archery master!

Bug fixes and improvement
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