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Boost Cleaner (App Lock)


Boost Cleaner is a fast, small, and safe android optimizer, ram/memory booster, speed booster, app lock, junk notification cleaner, battery saver, game booster, phone cooler, trash cleaner, cache cleaner, junk file cleaner, apk file remover, phone cleaner, and app manager.

Are you always depressed by the following problems?
Your phone is always lagged and freezes all the time.
Your phone has become lack of space.
Your phone battery is draining fast.
You are disturbed by annoying junk notifications all the time.
Your phone overheats and needs to cool down.

Boost Cleaner, the speed booster and junk cleaner, is just the super app you need!

Boost Cleaner is the smallest and fastest phone cleaner on market. It’s small with apk size only 1MB; It can boost the phone speed by up to 60% by a thorough memory trash clear, and make the speed up effect last longer; Also, it safely cleans junk files, apk files, cache files to increase available space. The super booster and cleaner to master your phone!!

Highlights of Boost Cleaner:

Powerful Memory Boost Feature
Junk Notification Cleaner
One Tap Boost, just 1tap
CPU/Phone Cooler
Battery Saver
Game Booster
Junk APK File Clean
High performance
Small and Fast
Easy to Use

Powerful Memory Boost Feature
Boost Cleaner finds apps using high memory and force stop them to improve performance more than 60% like rooted phones!!! When you find your phone is laggy, just use Powerful Boost Feature to speed it up, the apps will hibernate after the memory/RAM clear and boost, and the stubborn apps are hard to restart slinkingly again. Then phone is faster, and battery last longer.

Junk Notification Cleaner
Blocks and cleans junk notifications. Allows you to show important notifications and ignore annoying trash notifications.

One Tap Boost, just 1tap!!
For easy to use, 1tap boost shortcut is created. You are convenient to speed up your phone with 1 tap. By tapping more times of the shortcut, the phone speed and performance is improved tremendously. Also, when your phone memory/RAM usage is high, it will notify you to speed up your phone with one tap.

Game Booster
Before you launch games, use the Powerful Boost Feature, or one tap boost feature to release memory from other apps, it will improve your game speeds by 30%+!!

Phone Cooler
The apps running from background always make phone overheat. Just simply cool down your device by CPU and phone cooler, it finds and stops apps using your CPU more and causing phone to overheat.

Junk APK File Cleaner
You may find your device is lack of space to install new apps, Boost Cleaner, the trash and junk cleaner, can help to clean cache, apk, and residual junk files to reclaim storage. Especially, it will notify you to clean up the apk files after installing apps, and clean the residual trash files after uninstallation. This super cleaner feature is really useful for apps and games with big space usage.

Battery Saver
If you find your phone battery is draining fast due to auto-start apps, or the power is low and not convenient to charge currently, just open Boost Cleaner to boost and clean these power hungry apps, the apps will hibernate and the phone battery power is saved. The best way to save power!!

App Lock
App Lock locks apps with pattern or PIN, it prevents others from accessing your important private apps such as Facebook, Instagram, SMS, Gallery and so on; and also prevents children from playing games or watching video all the time.


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