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Car Racing Dirt Drifting Game


There is no flat road in our game, the road which we have is rugged mountain roads. Come and start your car racing show!

This is a classic drift game, which is simple and quick to play. In addition, it is easy to operate the vehicle to complete a perfect drift!

If you are a huge fan of wilding dirt drift, then Car Racing: Dirt Drifting must be your best choice!

Game Features
★ More game play:
There are 3 different game modes: Survival mode, Arena mode, Time trial mode, and each mode has 2 different maps. There is always one suit for you.
Survival mode: You need to reach the next timing point within a limited time to be able to continue the game. Finally, you will be rewarded based on the number of miles you finish.
Arena mode: You need to arrive at the checkpoint within the specified time. Checkpoints will appear on the map randomly. Only one point will be collected before the next one will appear. Finally, the number of checkpoints will be rewarded.
Time trial mode: At the end of the first lap game, you will leave a shadow, and that is your own performance, you need to defeat yourself in the second lap in order to win.
★ More Rally Car:
8 powerful rally cars. Each car has different types: drifting type, speeding type, strong type, torque and so on. You can choose the car according to your needs. In addition, the car you choose will have different effects in different maps;
★ Realistic 3D images:
Eight new rally cars built with new 3D technology are waiting for your arrival. Six classic mountain cars, perfectly integrate the Gobi desert, grassland, highways, and ruins together to form a perfect exotic style map!
★ No need to play online, play at any time:
There is no WiFi limit. You can play this game in anytime and anywhere, as the ultimate fancier of rally car, how can the Internet become an obstacle, which means all our game modes and maps can be played offline!

It’s time to leave your drift on the road!
Come and drive a powerful rally car!


Bug Fixes
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