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Castle 2048 Game

– Play on four fields
– Beautiful Low Poly graphics
– Customization of appearance: meteorites, shield, clouds: D
– Leaderboard
– Instant saving of the game
– Vertical / horizontal screen orientation
– A unique system for obtaining premium (disabling advertising). It’s enough to get into the top 10% of the players in the leaderboard for the week!
– Support split-screen. Watch your favorite channels on YouTube and play the game!

One 4×4 main field is the castle itself. Only it affects the score. Also 3 fields 3×3 will not let you get bored – it is necessary to extract stone to build the castle, as well as the energy shield, which will save the kingdom! Every 2.5 minutes, meteor shower begins (for survival, you need to maintain the shield energy more than the power of the next shower). The task is to collect as many points as possible on the castle location.

Color for numbers
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