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Castle Burn – The Crown League Game


Castle Burn is a competitive, fast-paced, real-time strategy game designed by a PC RTS veteran and balanced by an ex-hearthstone pro. Pit yourself against other players in Ranked and unranked online matches.

Build a formidable card collection to add depth to your armies. A variety of units is at your disposal, including mouse bombers, stone golems, dragons, and much more.

Securing mana, building cohesive unit compositions, and smart on-the-fly decision-making are key to overwhelming your opponent. Powerful heroes with unique abilities add yet another dimension to an already vast space of strategic possibilities.

Castle Burn is a fully-fledged RTS game, the likes of which have previously only been available on PC. It was designed from the ground up with mobile devices in mind, and features a smooth and intuitive interface.

A built-in competitive ladder offers you a challenging and rewarding experience as you climb your way to the top in search of fame and, of course, exclusive rewards.

Fixed Minor Bugs
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