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CheepcheepChivalry Game


Harvest tons of fun from an uber-casual gameplay with mechanics that will also allure keen players to strategize through and manipulate the game’s dynamics.

Launch your gallant bunntails and purrpaws to give cheepcheeps the boost they need to reach tower goals!

Earn gold and rack up your highscore!
– Trigger and maintain streak multipliers.
– Make as many goals as you can per session and earn bonus gold.
– Activate bonus levels for extra gold and xp.

Customize your knights!
– Mix and match between various skins and weaponry
– Give each knight their own unique names!

Find loads of unlockables!
– Grow your chivalrous army as you level up: Up to 10 purrpaws and 10 bunntails!
– Meet different types of cheepcheeps.
– Discover helpful powerups.

Prepare to be challenged with increasing difficulty! The higher your level, the more obstacles get unlocked.
– Meet the mischievous jeebjeebs! Fend them off the adorable cheepcheeps while protecting the drawbridge. Prevent them from calling the storm!
– Maneuver around item chests and jeebombs that block the way.

First ever live release!
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