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Combat Zone Game


Dear commander, the war is now on our doorstep. The whole army is waiting for your order to attack!

「Combat Zone」 is a multipleplayer online mobile strategy game. You play as a commander in the near future, fighting to protect your base as crisis emerges. You must produce cutting-edge weapons and defenses to keep your base safe. You also need a powerful army with air, sea and land forces to occupy islands and gather resources in this global war. Tired of playing alone? 「Combat Zone」provides a global communication platform where words could be translated in real time! Chat and play with players all around the world. Build strong alliances, help each other and defeat those who stand in your way to the top!


-Multi-layed world war with hundreds of advanced weapons of war available, form your dominant army.
-Fight and collect resources to upgrade the base, build defenses and stop enemies.
-Explore the infinite sea for abundant mineral products.
-Support your ground units with carriers and air forces, striking enemies from every angle!
-Build iron alliances with players all around the world to dominate this world!
-Real-time translation. Real time communication across the globe!

AD 2050, in the wake of the 6th technology revolution, mankind is able to completely control the weather like god does. However, superpowers use weather technology to launch wars against each other, causing rapid increase of sea level. The land is engulfed by the sea at large, leaving only scarce islands and limited resources for grab in even more intense human conflicts.


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