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Commando Sniper Attack Modern Gun Shooting War Game


Go to war with the enemy and prove your sniper skills in the king of 3D shooting games.

Call yourself a sharp shooter? Then put your skills to the test in the top free sniper game for Android.

As a commando, you need a great courage in the face of the enemy, you will receive secret missions to eliminate enemies in battle field.

Sneak into Enemies’s base, find them and zoom lens to aim your enemies! Deep breathing and pull the trigger. You must destroy the enemies , complete the tasks.
Commando Sniper Attack: Modern Gun Shooting War is totally free.

The operation of the Commando Sniper Attack: Modern Gun Shooting War is very cool, the game runs smooth, realistic sound effects, exquisite effects definitely gives you a great shooting experience.
Stunning Graphics, Thrilling Sounds, Firing Effects and all the GamePlay is perfect. What you have to do is fire the bullet perfectly to Win the battle.

Arm yourself with Perfect sniper weapons, Pistols, machine guns and the latest military gear to complete covert missions deep inside enemy territory!
Complete your missions in Tunels, Battle Field, Subway and military base.

In this game, you are equipped with sub-machine guns,Pistols, sniper rifles and stun grenades to show your shooting skills, enjoy the thrill of sniper. Use your superb sniper skills to shoot every goal and give you a war game experience. Accept the task and find the best sniper point to take action to eliminate all goals. In this game, aim and destroy to win.
The Thrilling war action began!
Seize your sniper rifle, search the rest of the city enemies, and destroy them, complete the mission.

– First person shooter game
– Smooth and modern battlefield environment
– Various missions as below
(Military camp) Clear militory camp.
(Hostage Rescue) Rescue Hostage and clear the area.
(Diffuse Bomb) Diffuse all dangreous materials in railway station.
(Digital Demolition) Destory all technical Equipment in the tunnel
Clear the enemy compound and Beware of the Mines.

– Smooth control
– Excellent graphics
– Amazing sound effects
– Realistic shooting effect
– Modern Gun Shooting War
– Modern Guns and weapons like:
9MM, GLOCK, M9, MP-5, SNIPER, AK-47, M4, SHOTGUN, Grenade, Armor, Advanced sniper rifle.
– Smart AI


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