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Commando Sniper Modern War 3D


Step into the world of black ops combat against the forces of terrorism in this epic modern SNIPERshooter for mobile and tablet devices. Upgrade your ARSENAL , equip modern strike WEAPONS and venture into the most infamous battlefields to test your individual and team sniper games skills.

Step into the world of specialized black ops FPS shooting, ranging your weapons for ultimate commando adventure on uncharted territories. Shoot your way out of lethal situations and accomplish COMMANDO MISSION free game levels to reclaim lost army bases.

Your government homeland security department has decided for an Army Commando operation with SWAT team force to eradicate those criminals entirely and to avoid any kind of threat to homeland in wake of those outrageous attacks by extremists which have spread a terror kind of situation in whole country as those attacks were on innocent peoples and humanity while an outrageous attempt to terrorize innocent civilians.

In this Army Commando combat Mission game you are part of Army Commando SWAT team to kill those terrorists and extremists in order not to occur such carnage again in history of your country as this has created a huge panic and bloodbath in capital city. You must aim high in this war game combat missions and strike at target as you are a pride of nation and shouldn’t show any mercy to terrorists who have killed your loved ones and don’t let shattered proud of your military SWAT units. You must teach a lesson to all merciless terrorists in this assault who have initiated this atrocities and show that your nation is determined and united against these unprecedented terrorist attacks while exhibiting compassion and solidarity with your nation against this act of inhumane killing of civilians.

This Anti-Terrorist SWAT Team Ops is one of the best action game of the holiday’s season to welcome the New Year with a safer and crime free gift. We hope you will enjoy thrilling bloody contest so ruin the terrorists hideouts, dominate over them in this legendary battle between criminals vs peace loving. You must honor your duty call and play your role to defeat world terrorists and radicals to make this world a safer place and dominate them in this lethal battle. So download now and add your name in the list of world super heroes and don’t let the dark night to rise.


Take to the battlefield WEAPONS of counter strike:
★::: MP5 :::★
★::: M4 ::★
★::: AK47 ::::★
★::: SHOTGUN :::★
★::: SNIPER RIFLE :::★


Battle the frontline in over HUNDRED+ black ops missions spread in FOUR detailed environments and battlefields filled with perils and dangers on every corner.

Responsive and detailed free roam FPS controls designed for mobile devices deliver the best portable shooting experience


Over 100+Action shooting games with gun to take part in
Travel through 4 large environments and enemy bases
Choose from multiple weapons and unlock more by completing missions and earning cash rewards
Highly responsive controls optimized for mobile devices
Gain rewards for each successful kill shot
Play anywhere; does not require an internet connection and you can play it when you are in your car
Challenge yourself and race against time to get rewards on strategic kills
Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation!
Different levels with multiple enemies
Intense battle scene and challenging missions


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