Conquest – Mini Crusade & Military Strategy Game

Do you want a fun free game to play when you’re bored! Do you enjoy playing war strategy games that require you to conquer your opponents through ancient warfare? If you do, you are going to love Conquest! It’s a mini war game where you play as a world conqueror try to defeat various opponents from various part of the world. You need to deploy your units: archers, cavalries, warriors, mages, etc to defeat the enemy’s warriors and bring down their fort. It’s really a fun & FREE game for all age and it doesn’t require extensive or complicated gameplay. Try it out and we guarantee you will love it!

Many people love to play ancient warfare games. They imagine themselves as a world conqueror who are trying to bring down Carthage, Rome, or other ancient cities in the world. Then they will continue their warfare with colonization. There are many military strategy games on Android, but most of them require that you devote extensive amount of time and effort in order to defeat the enemies. In Conquest, we simplify the gameplay so you only need to choose the 3 units you are going to bring to the front line and deploy them in order to win.


– FREE fun game for all ages
– Simplified world conqueror & warfare game.
– Colorful pixel graphic.
– Deploy your military units to defeat your enemies
– Various military units (archers, cavalry, warriors, etc) with their own strengths & weaknesses.
– Many Worlds & Levels to play.
– Get coins to buy more type of units.

So, are you ready to be a world conqueror? Ready to deploy your archers & cavalries for world colonization? Just download our fun FREE game now!

Please support Carthage Conquest game by leaving a rating and review. We promise will bring more fun free games for you in the future.


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