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Contact Connect Blocks Game


It is very creative block puzzle game.
Just drag and put blocks are connected with posts.
Be careful of the optical illusions.
Blocks are normal, but when they put into the spots and be connected, they can be seen as an optical illusions.
Make the most of your space perception ability and enjoy various puzzles.

The first and last parts of blocks can be connected to each other.
The first and last parts of blocks can be connected to start, stops and end posts.
Distinguish blocks between height and width by optical illusion.
You can find answer or create new way by optical illusion of blocks.
You have to put all blocks be connected from start to end posts.

Contact have 3 different type of puzzle style and play in rotation.

[Normal Mode]
There are start, stops and end post with blocks.
Blocks must be connected from start to end post.
If there is stop posts, it must be connected by blocks between start and end post.

[One Mode]
The start and end post has the same.
All blocks must be connected to each other with the post.

[Trick Mode]
Make good choice of the start posts to clear level.
You can start from one of the start posts, and connect all blocks with stops and end post.

No time limit, you can enjoy game for any time, anywhere and a short time.
Contact game that can be played easily, quickly and something hard.
Show your ability and creativity to clear all levels.

– Improve tutorial levels and comments.
– Improve performance and issues.
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