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Cosmo Bounce – The craziest space rush ever!


Somewhere in the galaxy, crazy thrill-seekers strap on their jetpacks and fly for glory and fun!

Choose from over 28 far-out heroes who are ready for adventure, and rush into the greatest Xtreme space race in the universe: Cosmo Bounce! Fly high and free with your jetpack in one of the easiest-to-play intergalactic arcade games that’s as endless as the universe and as addicting as staring into space! Get ready and go as far as you can!

SIMPLE GAMEPLAY: Just tap to control the trajectory of your jetpack and fly your heroes to ever-farther pieces of floating space rocks.
ADDICTING CHALLENGE: Fly free and bounce as far into space as possible, collecting diamonds as you hop along to unlock a galaxy of fresh content.
CRAZY CHARACTERS: Jump into this addicting adventure as the Cutie Cat, Mummy, T-Rex, Unicorn, Zombie and more! All the crazy heroes have their own unique personalities and styles.
STELLAR GRAPHICS: Feel the rush as your games take you through 5 awesome environments and amazing space-race phenomena as you tap your way to victory, including a galaxy of Burning Stars, Black Holes, Nebulae and more, all brought to life through a uniquely beautiful art style.
FUN WITH FRIENDS: Become the greatest Space Master and fly free above your friends on the high-score leaderboards.

Hop into the greatest race game for fans of space adventure, casual competition, crazy astronaut heroes, exploring the endless galaxy, free adventure games, the rush of a jetpack, jump challenges, tap controls, addicting fun, and the best free arcade action you can enjoy with friends!


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