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Cow Pig Run Tap The Infinite Running Adventure Game


Run with cow and pig! An endless zigzag running 3D game that will entertain you to the fullest. Tap and run, then tap again to change the leading character. How long can you run in this challenging zigzag 3D runner?

The peaceful village where cow and pig lived turned into a hell. They could not live anymore because of the volcanoes. Go to the new world with the fearful cow and pig.

Run with the human, pig and cow. They each have different abilities and you’ll need them to pass through the obstacles & be the best in this thrilling 3D runner maze. Endless tap and run with original gameplay that will surely amuse you.

– Cows always want to break something and pigs are always hungry. Humans need books, cell phones and so on.

– Tap the screen to change the order in which humans, cows and pigs run. Travel through the zig zag maze as far as you can through concentration and timing and collect lots of coins and jewels. Coins and jewels can be used to buy cows and pigs with special talents.

– Do not forget it! The Cow breaks the walls, the pig eats the foods, and the human acquires the goods.

?Cow Pig Run Tap features: 
✅ Original storyline & creative gameplay
✅ There are three Endless modes: Normal, Crazy, and Dark. Compete with your friends.

✅ Collect a lot of gems and coins in 110 stage modes.


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