Cowboy Hunting Gun Shooter Game


We have realistic character model and realistic gun scenes;

All of these will take you to a different western world;

Game Features:
◆ Challenge a variety of shooting missions;
There are different kinds of mainline missions, and you have to keep shooting different goals to survive.
◆ Simple and characteristic mini games;
Darts, poker, shooting, duel and horse racing, we have different gambling games
◆The horse riding system with unique western characteristics;
Here you can ride a horse, the speed between different horses is also different, and keep finding your own horse.
◆ Various forms of firearms weapon systems;
There are melee daggers, portable pistols and powerful rifles for you to choose and upgrade.
◆ Third person shooter game;
The game is in the third person mode and takes you to the charm of the west.
◆Simple and smooth control;
Left hand control direction, and right hand control attack, riding and viewing direction
◆ Beautiful wild western environment;
100% simulation of the real western environment
◆ Ultra-small bag of less than 30M;
Easy to install, fast download
◆ No need for network, enjoy it anytime, anywhere;
You can play this game without network.
◆ Game mode
The player controls the shooter to aim at the target, survives to complete a variety of mission games in the Western world, and gets rewards to upgrade the weapon, horses and become stronger.

Want to survive in the west?
Come here! Go and be an amazing cowboy now!


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