Crash Knockdown Game


How often do you find yourself bored? What do you do to get rid of that feeling?
With Crash Knockdown you won’t have to think about that, it will let you to just crush everything around!
Tired of that boring cup or a teapot – break it apart!
Tired of that bartender?
Get your revenge on him by destroying all of his bottles and cocktail stuff. Imagine yourself as Nicola Tesla and destroy the whole laboratory in a creative urge! And when you grow tired of that too – you have a hot job – furnaces, factory and a really hot gameplay!
Unique physical arcade and puzzle game will give you lots of unforgettable moments and emotions!

But this is not the most important thing about the game. We took best parts from all well-known games of this genre and merged them in a new game mechanic that allows to use strong and fast hits as well as carefully aimed complex trajectory strikes.
Puzzles in the game are well planned and use all of the possibilities provided by the game mechanics.
For example, to destroy a hidden object you can use ricochet or lofted strikes. We are waiting for your comments and are ready to continue to develop and polish the game to make it a perfect game in this genre.

Fixed long black screen at start, some FPS optimizations
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