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Crazy Road Chaser Game


Drive the top sports car on the crowded city highway and show true technology on this car racing game!
Unique racing, real competitive experience of free racing game!
If you like racing cars, road chaser and crazy chaser is definitely your best choice! ?

Game features:
⏩ Top cool sports car:
The top 13 cars will take you on a different racing experience. They will include all the mainstream racing cars on the market, and even heavy trucks will be able to drive. The perfect racing 3D graphics will reproduce the real car in equal proportions.
⏩ Customize your own exclusive car:
4 car modification systems: 10 colorful spray paints, 14 different styles of wheels, 35 racing car designs, in addition to the appearance of changes, you can also strengthen the performance of the car, including the maximum speed of the car, acceleration, handling , Brakes, nitrogen acceleration, etc.
⏩ variety of gameplay:
2 game modes: single mode, competitive mode. There are 4 maps in the single mode, village, winter, desert, city. Each map has 4 kinds of gameplay, one-way traffic, two-way traffic, time trials, free driving and so on. Competitive mode can play bounty matches with opponents online, from the lowest 2000 games to the highest 100,000 games.
⏩ No WiFi, no problem:
The game can be played offline. All maps in the single mode support offline play, and play whenever and wherever possible. There are no time and geographical restrictions.

The game has already begun. Drive your sport car quickly to compete your car racing for the championship!
Join the crazy chaser, road chaser and become the real racing king! ?



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