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Cubanoid – hardcore puzzle maze Game


Cubanoid is a hardocore puzzle that represents a massive labyrinth packed with dangerous traps, enemies and logical brain twisters.

– 25 handcrafted levels

– Awesome and atmospheric sound background created exclusively for the game

– Puzzles with buttons – put the puzzles on special buttons to activate them

– World rotation – you can move through 3 dimensions in this world that greatly helps you in puzzle solving

– Energy – in order to move in the game you need energy. Gather cartridges to refill energy

– Thorns – dangerous traps that are automatically activated every second. They can be on continuously and in order to disable this trap, you need to reach the corresponding button

– Lava – avoid lava not to drown in this dangerous liquid

– Fragile floor – having stepped on this floor, you have a moment to decide what way to move further otherwise you will fall down into abyss

– Current – you need to find the source of current and disable it, otherwise you won’t be able to proceed..Sometimes you may use it to clear up the way.

– Moving walls – long halls keep hidden threats that can suddenly throw you down into the abyss

– Astral floor – is highly unstable and can disappear under your feet

– 360 degrees turrets – the echo of the past, left after the first geometrical war, being dangerous as previously. It allows to make several shots and rotates 360 degrees

– Bugfix
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