Danger Close – Online FPS💥 Game

Just released!

Have any problems? Reach out on Discord, Twitter or mail, we’re here to help!

With our easy and intuitive controls you will dominate the battlefield in notime! Choose sensitivity, auto-fire, and much more.

7 Maps in a variety of locations with more to come! Battle on alien planets, in the middle of a bank heist or on a pirate infested island!

Help your team dominate in classic Team Deathmatch or go solo in Free For All! Stay tuned for a Battle Royale mode coming soon.

🎃No interruptions
Focus on honing your skill without disturbing pop-up ads and a fair store!

Danger Close is the ultimate online FPS/FPP for mobile with tactical gunplay, proper map design and a fun progression system! We have spent a lot of time making the game a fun experience with a large selection of weapons, skins and grenades!

🔫Update 1.2 is here! Breaking changes from 1.1, please update to continue your spree!

-Added back the tutorial after bug fixes
-Added support for claw grip
-Improved netcode with dynamic sendrates
-Improved netcode by decreasing packet size
-Fixed shotgun not showing hitmarkers
-Fixed aiming when throwing grenades
-Fixed glitching on Syn Corp.
-Fixed Murky M. occlusion
-Fixed Murky M. car windows exploit
-Fixed grenades not being affected by volume sliders
-Fixed bug where you couldn’t spawn

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