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Dark Knight Of Gotem City Game


Roam the desolate Dark Knight of Gotem.

Oval Mobile presents the newest superhero, the dark knight of gotem, ready to roam the city and strike in the heart of evil, suited in the newest and most expensive nanosuit, packed with technology, and ready to face any enemy, be it a simple joker or the mob.
Our new free game lets you take the role our awesome superhero. His superpowers are beyond every known hero, even Batman learned some skills from him!

– awesome HD graphics optimised for any Android phone and tablet
– addictive gameplay
– challenging stages

The story our hero begins when a nocive fog was released in the city by the most evil villains, who want to take the control over the population. Our brave dark knight left his batmobile and started to fly through the city fighting enemies in order to eliminate the chaos. Some say that he is an arkham knight, or that he is a legendary batman, but the only clear thing about himself is that he is a man of steel with arkham origins who wants to restore peace. Play the game and find out what he hides behind the mask!


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