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Dead Kingdom Death Survival & Zombie Shooting Game


Death survival & hiding from zombies in Dead Kingdom is Zombie shooting game for zombie shooter lovers. Protect the human & rescue survivors is core mission in Dead Kingdom. You are a drone operator have to protect ground military survivors & other civilian on scavenging missions.

You have to save military agents to be infected by zombies. They will stay on ground and rescue other civilians. You have to survive them, though agent have all shooting weapons, fully trained to shoot zombies and rescue survivors. Infected humans are now dead bodies like zombies and agents there have to shoot zombies and have to find food, fuel, generator and other survival goods for survivors. In short Dead Kingdom is a zombie dead & escape survival shooter game.

Dead Kingdom is zombie gunship with the most epic military warfare game. You are a operator of world’s best UCAVs and have capabilities to change aerial warfare in seconds. But this is different challenge as now you have to provide aerial support to survivors and shoot deadly zombies in this zombie gunship game. You are an operator UCAV but special op operator as you are command in chief of aerial warfare and zombie gunship game.

Being special op operating of drone you have to give aerial support to ground agents and help him to rescue saved human from infected zombies. In every gunship mission, the ground agent will be given targeted location where survivors are still waiting for help to save lives from these crazy and mad dead zombies. First you have to give a support to agent to find targeted location and after that escort special op agent and other civilians before this zombie attack them. There is not option to be kind as zombies don’t have emotions. YOu need to do replenish your drone bullets and missiles and keep on shooting all zombies.

In this dead kingdom game first you have to shoot and repel attack of zombies and also kill other zombie boss as they are not normal zombie but giant and crazy zombies. So you are ready to accept this challenge. Use right missiles on right time and blow up all zombies. Shoot all groups of zombies and destory all their closed hideouts. As many as you will kill zombie you will rank up and will unlock next mission.

THe dead kingdom is a survival games with strong and different missions. Be ready to start this deadly journey of rescue. Just hold your gun trigger tightly and wait to reload missiles guns. DOn’t let your gunship auto gun to heat up because if your gun heat up then you have to wait to its cold down.

Main features of Dead King : Death survival & invasion Game:

* Multiple zombie characters & boss shooting & dying animations
* Multiple weapons with reloading & upgrading option
* Realistic gunship and aerial environment
* Easy and understandable UI & game play tutorials
* Mini fun game to earn extra golds, cash, missiles , health kit and autofire time
* Zombie A.I with auto attacking system
* Touching background music and thrilling sound effects
* Customized & Intuitive Gunship and Drone Controls

Thanks for visiting & downloading Dead Kingdom and death survival game. Please feel free to send us your suggestion and feedback about Dead Kingdom : Death Survival & Zombie Shooting Game. It would help us to improve more!

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