Deadroom 2 Rebirth Game

And it’s happened – Deadroom 2: Rebirth is alive! It’s both bloody and hard, but interesting. Each level is a huge maze filled with angry robots and deadly traps. Your objective is simple – find the way out and stay alive.

Explosions, robots, hardcore! Deadroom 2: Rebirth – the second part of the series of games about the nameless stickman. It not only adopts the best of the first part, but also adds something new. Now our hero can stand up for himself! Pick up everything that gets under your arm, be it mines or explosive containers, and throw them at enemies to make your way to the exit! Or maybe force the robots to destroy each other or themselves. It’s up to you, just do it!

The game is in the very beginning of its path! There will be a plenty of updates in the future, so don’t hesistate to drop me an email at

In this update:
– Added “Wild Zone” – an unexplored part of the laboratory with three levels of complexity.
– Added small grenades that you can throw.
– Skins Assassin, Ninja, Rasta, Cyber, Cyber-W had effects (disable in the settings). Over time, I’ll try to add similar effects to each skin.
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