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Dig a Way – Treasure Mine Dash


Dig a Way is a beautifully animated cartoon puzzle adventure that will challenge your brain and reflexes!

Embark on an epic treasure hunting adventure with Grandpa Digger and his trusty Dog and explore exotic caves to find gold, gems, and ancient treasures buried down deep.

Move, Dig, Dash, and Rewind Time to solve clever puzzles, avoid deadly traps and crush pesky enemies.

But be careful and think ahead, because once you move down, you can’t go back up!!

** Easy to Play – Dig, Move, Dash, and Crush enemies with 3 buttons, designed to be played with one hand anytime, anywhere! Controls are fast, intuitive, and responsive!

** Rewind Time – Made a mistake? No Problem!! Use the Undo button to rewind time and go back as far as you want!

** Over 100 Levels – Dig, Dash, and Explore over 100 hand crafted puzzles that will challenge your brain, timing, and reflexes! Find Bonus caves fill with Coins, Race against time, Escape collapsing caves, and more!

** 4 Unique Worlds – Find new treasure maps and travel to 4 unique worlds, each filled with harder puzzles, new challenges, traps, and enemies! And don’t worry – Grandpa Digger’s sidekick, Dog, will be there to explain each new mechanic.

** Unlock Amazing Outfits – Use your gold to unlock new outfits in the shop for Grandpa Digger! Be a Ninja, Viking, Football player, Knight, or even a Pirate King!

** Complete your Treasure Collection – Find all the Artifacts hidden in the mines and put them in your Museum to start earning Gold. The more you find, the more gold you can earn!

** Intelligent Fun – Are you smart enough to find all the treasure chests and gold hidden in the mines? Give it a shot, and see how many stars and crowns you will earn!

** Beautiful Cartoon Visuals – Dig a Way is filled with beautiful art and animations, making it one of the best looking Cartoon games out there! From the way Grandpa Digger sleeps in between levels, to the way Dog flies the plane when changing worlds, Dig a Way is all about the attention to detail!

Dig a Way is Free, so what are you waiting for?

Grab your shovel, put on your Mining Hat, and come join Grandpa Digger and Dog on an amazing adventure!


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