Do Cleaner-Super Fast Boost App


Memory usage problem is truly an annoying trouble. How can you be calm with insufficient memory resource? That means you cannot install favorite games and take picture whenever you want. Really disappointed.
Do Cleaner-Super Fast Boost ——the BEST, SMALL, FAST and EFFECTIVE trash clean application for android phone . With us you can take more pictures and install Apps without worrying. Just one click you could quick scan files all over the phone and clean the trash that are no longer necessary. It is a world class super cleaner protect your phone to avoid cache files and help you save release SD-card memory to save space.
NO.1 Phone Boost ——Performance Booster and Speed Booster
Phone boost helps you to release your phone memory. Just one quick click can shut the useless applications which still running in the background secretly. You can Boost RAM, boost memory, refuse stutter and optimize your phone performance.
NO.2 Junk Clean——Trash Finder and Cleaner Master
One click on Junk Clean, our trash finder will scan all over your phone and find cache garbage, useless installation packages, residual files and etc. trash that are no longer necessary. In the meantime, analysis how many memory has been occupied. One second to clean up all useless files, be a trash terminator and release more phone memories.
NO.3 App Lock ——Smart Application Locker
With this function you can set a password to protect your privacy by add sensitive Apps in. Such as Facebook, Snapchat, Massager and WhatsApp, App Lock will protect these secret message from snoopers all the time. This is a unique password that different from your phone lock. The function will protect your secret from snoopers and you can lend your phone to your mom or girlfriend without any worry.
NO.4 CPU Cooler——Defeat High Temperature
Only take 3 seconds to cooler you CPU and get rid of high temperature. Optimize your phone performance.
Easiest Cleaner Android, easy to use, simple, safe and fast. Your personal phone assistant, now is free for everyone!

1.Fix Bugs
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