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Don’t Catch Me Game


The gameplay is similar to that of hide-and-seek and tag with different game elements,
creating an exhilarating experience. This game focuses on multiplayer.
The player can choose any avatar to play, different from the traditional method of sticking to one.
The sphere-world design makes the game even more interesting, while simple controls and fast rhythm
make it an ideal time-killer
for bite-size actions in spare time.

“There are strange people walking around when I woke up today… Am I still dreaming?”
In the Otherworld, there is a self-loathing boxer, a soldier from Britain, a vampire that is scared of dentists…
Each has unique abilities, fighting to be the final survivor in the harsh environments.
Beware of bushes! Bosses and monsters are in pursuit!
Ready your ultimate skills, and become a survivor!

*Cute bitmap characters and world with a lively atmosphere.
*Simple controls without a steep learning curve. Just hide and seek!
*Exciting and fast gameplay action clocking at 2:30 min per game!
*Switch roles at will! The all-new Boss Mode lets you be the “It” if you choose!
*Innovating sphere-world that enriches fun-factor and gameplay strategy! Forward is always the right way to go!
*Multiplayer fun! Invite friends to fight against enemy bosses, and see who lives and dies!
*Challenge the world leaderboard, and bring honor to your country! Accumulate those points!

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