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Duke Dashington Remastered Game


Hop in the shoes of Duke Dashington, bumbling adventurer and explorer and save treasures from collapsing dungeons! You have only 10 seconds to escape each room before the ceiling collapses! Do you have what it takes to be the fastest treasure hunter in the world?

Originally released in 2014, Duke Dashington Remastered is a complete remake with improved controls, polished level design and completely redrawn graphics!

Game features:
– High-speed puzzle platforming!
– Easy to use dashing controls!
– 4 different dungeons to explore!
– 120 rooms of deadly traps and mind-boggling puzzles!
– Google Play Games achievements and leaderboards for fastest clear times!

– Important information! – This game is funded by adverts, but is completely free to play with no timers or boosters to ruin your experience. There is an option to remove popup ads for a one time in-app purchase.

Originally released in 2014, Duke Dashington returns with his original adventure remastered with better controls, polished level design and redrawn graphics!
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