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Extreme Furious Traffic Racers


Are you ready for new adventure? Fasten your seat belt and find your car wheel! Be ready to outrun cops! High speed chasing with cops are waiting for you! Prepare to get new game experience in death race battle!
«Extreme Furious Road Racers» has simple gameplay, so you will never be bored with this app, new in puzzle for kids and adults genre!!! The best you have ever seen! This new app combines stunning, high define graphics with addictive and simple gameplay and awesome cars, this game create a new type of puzzle experience for Android users!
On your screen you see a circuit of car you have met in your favorite cartoon that come to love, different part of this car will appear in disorder, and you must compile this car from different parts you will be given. If you think it would be easy, then download it and check out! Since even experienced cyber geeks couldn’t master the game at once! Each level progressively becomes more and more complicated grabbing attention of people of all ages! However, your kids will be the happiest playing it! You will meet an iconic GT-R, classic Ferrari cars or classic 69’ Charger, or a brand new M6. Do you dream about seeing 1000+ HP exotics? This game includes all type of retro and up-to-date cars. If you are fan of drag racing, speed racing or any kind of racing games, then we can guarantee you’re going to fall in love with this app!
Get started now! This app not only for car lovers and kids, because each mission progressively becomes more complicated, and suits for all kind of ages! Share results with your friends, and get know who is the best car driver! Also remember that this is not sim game for cars and real trucks, this is puzzle game. This is not drag racing, driving or something like that, this is puzzle game!
99+ cars, from hatches to american muscle cars and 1000+ HP supercars;
Cool graphics;
Easy gameplay;
Catchy sound effects;
Simple controllers;
Absolutely FREE game, no in-app purchase, min of Ads;
Minimum AndroidOS 2.2;
Hours of fun gameplay;
Can play everywhere, because it has offline mode;
Optimized for mobiles and tablets.
More updates full of exciting new features are coming soon, for FREE! If you meet any problems or bugs please contact us!
Enjoy great time with this app!



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