Fake GPS Location App


The app will overwrite your current location and any third party apps, websites or services will think you are in Paris under the Eifel Tower or in New York, Rome, London or any other places!
Itís simple and great fun to trick people with. You can use the app to pull a prank on any social networks or show that youíre somewhere else as an excuse. Itís a simple idea with a lot of potential.
Fake GPS is currently considered as the best fake gps location application from all the location apps!

Fake GPS Features:

– Select a location on the map
– Change GPS location to the selected location
– Save Locations and simply use them later
– Change notification text
– Guideline
– Widget

Use the fake gps location android app so you can fake your location. Find people in different cities, fly your gps from city to city without moving. Geotag that photo even if you forgot to turn on location when you were taking it.

How to use Fake GPS:

– Choose your fake location and press START and the app will insert the fake location into your android phone.

The following is needed to make sure the app runs smoothly:

1 – It is needed that you turn on “Allow Mock Locations” on Settings
2 – It is recommend that you switch location mode to “GPS Only” or disable Location Services altogether to avoid receiving cached mock locations after stopping Fake GPS, if this happens check our help section inside the app.
3. Make sure you run Fake GPS first before running your app.

Make sure you disable high accuracy location/mobile locations under Android Location Settings and leave “GPS ONLY” or called “Device only” on some devices !

Feel free to contact us by email for anything regarding this application Fake GPS Location.


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