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File Locker With App Locker App


Sick of paying for a fully functional File Locker or App Locker app? Then here is the app that has all the best features of a file and app locker. Lock your files and apps with peace and securely with our File and App Locker App.

Full features:
>Lock images,videos,audio,text files, Apps.
>Lock any type of file by searching it’s extension using search button on select others tab.
>Activate App Locker feature by tapping the menu and selecting App Lock tab. Tap the apps you want to lock and close the file locker app and now, all the locked apps will now require your file locker password to open the apps.
>View and Play files on the go, Click to play the file and a temporary file will be made which will be deleted on closing the app.
>Prevent app from unauthorized uninstallation.
>Hide File Locker App. Dial #626624 to launch the app when it’s hidden or go to
>Create a guest login password for guests with whom you don’t want to share your files but still want them to access the app.
>Share files.
>Suggest edits and features to us directly from the app.

Features Explained:
Lock a file:
>long press a file to be moved to view the multiple file selector > Select the files to be moved > tap on move file button at the right corner to move the file to your vault. It can take some time depending on the file size.
Unlock a File:
>click the plus icon present on the right hand side down below corner and click “select files button”. Select the files to be unlocked > tap on move file button on the bottom bar to see the path selector > move the file to your desired directory on your phone or SD card. It can take some time depending on the file size.
App Password:
Enter and confirm your password you want to use to open the app. Create a guest password for guests. enter recovery email, Press signup button.
Hide File Locker App:
Hide the app by going to settings>toggle on hide icon
Prevent Uninstallation:
Prevent unintended File Locker uninstallation by going to Settings>prevent Uninstallation>tap Unauthorized Uninstallation>select Activate protection> Activate. Now the App cannot be uninstalled by anyone except you who have the password.
Uninstall App:
To uninstall app go to settings> tap Uninstall File Locker> click ok> click Manage device administrators> unselect File Locker from that window> Click Deactivate> now uninstall the app by going to settings>tap Unistall File Locker and you are done.NOTE: Unlock all the files before uninstalling.
To suggest or rate us:
Go to suggestions from menu> select the stars to rate us and write your suggestion>click submit.
More FAQ:
Go to menu and tap FAQs to get answers to commonly asked questions or visit:
Share File Locker:
Click share button on the top bar to share the app on whatsapp, facebook, email etc.

>>>Enable notification to get notified to lock your files go to settings: toggle notification.


This app is only intended for securing the data of the users using secured encryption. The user is sole responsible for any data loss. It’s recommended to always keep a backup of your important data, Lockeirs Apps is not liable for any data loss due to user’s ill treatment of the app. User is requested to unlock all the files in case he/she intends to uninstall the app permanently. The locked files can only be opened or unlocked by this app and will be lost if the user’s phone is formatted or the folder containing the locked files is deleted.
Users are also requested to keep password protection ON in case the phone is used often by others.
We do not store any personal info of our app users with us or any third party apps or companies.

Permissions explained:
Reroute outgoing calls: required to launch the App from dialpad when app is hidden.
modify and delete sd card content: required to delete files once they are locked by the user directly from the app.
Find accounts:to recover email from device. 0d9d39eac5

– Add location information to intruder photos
– Fixes annoying repeated, unnecessary lock screen prompts within application
– Various bug fixes
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