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Find & Destroy Tank Strategy Game


Find & Destroy is a cool tactical turn based game (TBS) about tank combat focused on tactics. The battle here is team fight of 5 vs 5 where all players makes moves at the same time. You will not have to wait for the other players to take their turn. The rules are simple but the victory is not an easy thing to get. You have to find your foes on the battlefield and destroy them or to capture the opponents base. The playing style hardly depends on the class of your tank. But at the same time, skills (passive abilities) play very important role.

There are several tank classes in the FnD.
– light tanks – fast and light shielded scouts (the hardest tank class in the game)
– medium tanks – heavy scouts (easier to survive on the battlefield)
– heavy tanks – can sustain a lot of damage, but lacks the mobility
– artillery – provides a lot of damage on the battlefield, with almost no mobility and very low armor (hard hitter or damage dealer class)
– antitank artillery – is a middle class between a heavy tank and artillery.

This game was designed not to make you spend too much time in it. Here you may play whenever you want and always have a lot of fun.

*** Features ***

– Unique combination of MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) elements in a turn-based game (3 main lines on the battlefield, in-game artifact purchasing, NPCs on the player side, …).
– Synchronous PVP: all players act simultaneously, which gives great sense of fast game play
– One can play with his friends or with random teammates.
– Simple and comfortable controls: you won’t need to beat others ping and reaction – only skill matters.
– Cross-platform game client: you will be able to play on PC and popular mobile devices.
– Cool voice effects greatly complement the game atmosphere.
– Highly stable connection with the game server: works well even with the bad mobile Internet connection.
– Client-server game architecture: no cheaters, your progress is always stored safely on the server and is never lost (even after device change or reset)!
– Comfortable game session: around 10 minutes for a good battle in general.
– In-game chat: you can always discuss something import with your friends.

Even more in upcoming updates!

Warning #1: Requires 1MB+ of device RAM to play.


– Battle chat added!
– New battle modifications
– Balance improvements:
* Light rockets: costs increased
* Base capture: gives battle coins
* Battle modification Improved Shells: changed rfom 10% to 3pts
* Hitting series: bonuses removed
* Skill Repairer: improved the effectiveness
* Skill Regeneration: improved the effectiveness
* Ho-Ni: -8 pts. of armor.Bug fixes
Changed the battle coins icon.
Fixed platoon issues

In the next update we plan to deploy a new map and a new tank!

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