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A new generation of .io games!

Take a beautiful journey in the sea and be the biggest fish of them all! : Fish Adventure is a multiplayer survival game where you have to compete with other players. Swim through colourful corrals, anemones, and seaweed while eating other smaller fish to grow larger. But be careful of other larger fish and deadly sea predator and poisonous urchins.

As .io game, players will play as a fish that was born among the coral reefs. This fish will go on an adventure, climbing the stairs of the foodchain, facing a tough but beautiful underwater world. Preying other smaller fish while surviving against other bigger fish.

The word simple in this game is not referring to the work that is glossed over. However, offers a game play that is very simple. Player simply use one finger to move and interact. The word also refers to the game concept and objectives that can be immediately understood by anyone.

This fish adventure game builds an underwater world that is pleasing to the eye. Every aspect of this game from the shape, coloring and movements will give refreshing effect to the eyes. Besides the beauty, environmental balance factors also well considered, so thateven the game is full of feature, the player will not feel too crowded. AceLegends also say that the first impression to be gained when a player enters the world of is the beauty of aquatic ecosystems and all of its forming factor.

Like many .io game, we know that fun does not have to be complicated. created to always provide new experience and challenge each time a player enter its world. It can provide multiple objectives for the player. Starts from casual players who are just trying to survive as an ordinary fish, players who wants to overcome challenges and obtain achievement, to the hardcore players who want to put their name in the hall of fame.

The no penalty game concept will make player play with no burden. It can be played over and over again without any restriction.

– io graphic and bandwith optimization
– Online Competitive Multiplayer with hundreds players in 1 room
– Breathtaking visuals
– Power-up to boost your fish for a short time
– Deadly sea predator and sea urchin to avoid from
– Multiple fish skin to choose
– Stamina boost to get extra speed

Future Development
– New control
– New predator
– Optimization in size and bandwith
– Different skill to be equipped
– Different Map
– Different skins
– Thematic map feature
– Battle map

Permissions needed:
* GET_ACCOUNTS – Needed for Connect to Facebook Feature.
* READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Needed to read save files to load user data and profile
* WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE – Needed to create save files to keep user data and profile


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