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Flying Robot Bike Futuristic Robot War Game


Futuristic city is invaded by flying robot enemies who have made city survival difficult. Futuristic robots war has begun creating destruction in the city as flying robot car and flying robot bike has attacked urban city. In this transforming robot game 2018, transform super robot warrior into flying bike that is equipped with modern weaponry. Hero Robot chasing enemies will take you to a flight adventure where shooting and firing will add extra thrill in transformation games. Enjoy a brand new Flying robot bike : Futuristic Robot War full of action, firing and shooting in hero robot transforming games 2018.

Have you ever taken part in city rescue futuristic robot battle? If not, then get ready for action packed flying adventure in transforming robot games 2018 that will be fought with modern weaponry attached to flying bike and mech robots. Aim and fire flying enemies to win intense air battle in grand city. Take charge of grand city survival rescue mission as flying bike robot transformation to robot hero or flying moto robot to battle against enemy. Look up! Enemy flying bike and flying car is firing and shooting in sky to destroy city peace.

Robot bike flying simulator as air hero will let you witness incredible robot transformation as super robot transform hero. Spread the wings of real robot transform hero and have flying adventure in this amazing transforming robot games 2018. Become legend savior of urban city while robot bike transform into super robot hero to battle mech robots and flying robots.

You must have played many transforming games that includes futuristic robots war. But Flying robot bike : Futuristic Robot War is an amazing blend of flying and transformation game where you will switch between flight mode and driving mode to get experience of flying bike driving simulator and fighting games at one platform. Download this amazing Wi-Fi free robot bike transforming games to give yourself the title of robot warrior.

• Transformation battle of flying Bike and Mech Robots!
• Modern Flying bike transform battle to eliminate rivals!
• Modern transforming robots war and flying bike experience!
• Real time transform robot hero flying experience!
• HD graphics and amazing animations!
• Smooth and user friendly controls!

Fixes and improvements!
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