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Forces of Freedom Game


Forces of Freedom is a tactical team combat game. Play real-time multiplayer battles in intense 5v5 rounds. Play as a sniper or rifleman in this PVP MMO, with authentic military soldiers from across the globe and across timelines. Starting in the 1960s up to today’s special forces, Forces of Freedom is intense combats over multiple maps and game modes.

Terrain physics: Soldier speeds react to terrain, for example water or mud now actually slow you down. Also included new audio.
Reworked NAM map offers more routes while keeping a fair amount of crossfire positions.
In-game scoreboard now lists the ranks of all other players.
Enter your next battle faster by tapping to skip the end-game animations.
Improved tutorial, welcome new players!
Use of native Android back button now available.
Fixed small (but annoying) bugs, including networking.
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