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Froggo – Save the Water Game


You are not a Superhero with extra powers, but you can become hero. You can only jump and your weapon is your brain. You have to use obstacles in such way to overcome one hardship after another in order to complete further levels. Yours enemies have different abilities which you can use against them. It’s not easy to finish this game. You have to be neat, clever and patient. Are you ready for #FroggoChallenge? Save your home and friends. Save the water!

Froggo Story.
Somewhere in the beautiful place on the Earth there live many frogs. Their life was happy. The Lake was a home for them. But one day everything changed. Home disappeared. Someone stole all water! Do you leave them alone? You can help them. Find Polluters which destroyed the Lake.

#Froggo Challenge
Play FROGGO! Profits from ads in game helps to save the water! Don’t be impassive, and start playing now! You can save the water every single day with brave Frog!


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