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Futuristic robots are on the earth for a war with other specie for the survival

This is a 3D action game for those who have the urge to be a part of futuristic robot war on earth. This is the perfect scene of how other species would come here and this land for their survival. You are one of them and you have some extra ordinary powers and heavy lethal weapons to kill and destroy your enemy with endless ammunition. Shoot to kill and strike with power. Get on to the ground with a strategy. Enemy bots are strong and they glide into the places where you hide. Future is unseen so we can predict it by our own actions. This is the futuristic war. Robots have immense power.
Transformation is your power and edge, use it to deceive the terrorists and win the war against the evil. Survival is the goal of everyone and that is why no one hesitates to fight this close combat. Heavy robots are destructive. State of the country has declared emergency and has advised everyone to take care of their lives. It is a do or die situation now. War monger have to be defeated and throw out of this world.

Amazing 3D environment
Real life sound effects
Different robots to play
Mission oriented game
Addictive gameplay
Challenge your friends


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