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Galaxy Fleet Alliance War Game


Comments from players
Angel Rimpev: An excellent game, the best in its genre. Very addictive and strategic. Has a nice tutorial that keeps you going and you really have to plan ahead in order to progress. Has a surprisingly low amount of bugs and is very well optimized for low-end phones. Balance is good, progression is steady and doesn’t have a steep learning curve. Fantastic overall!

Jared Sturm: Love it! This game is truly fantastic. I look forward to see how it develops. I think it is the best of its genre by far. An idea I do have, however, would be to allow people to zoom out more. 5 out of 5, would recommend!

Anthony Martinez: This game is fun! It keeps me entertained for hours, has a fun progression system, and doesn’t always feel like you are just waiting. (As long as you play it right)

Commander, soldier, or spy—What role will you play in the galaxy? Beam yourself to the edge of the universe and take command of a tiny space colony. In this barren outland players do what they need to survive.

Galaxy Fleet: Alliance War is a real time strategy game. It takes place across a system of planets, each with a limited number of “tiles” to capture. Every tile is important, so you’ll have to stay smart if you want your colony to thrive: Make tactical alliances and battle other players to expand your territory. Monitor your enemy’s fleet movements and position your defenses carefully. Program your ships’ Battle AI to outwit your opponents in interstellar combat. This is what it takes to survive here, now it’s up to you.

Game Features:

* Thousands of players fighting to claim territory in a limited space.
* Real time strategy – Every second is crucial in battle so PLAN AHEAD!
* Social community- form alliances and communicate with other players in Global Chat.
* Discover uncharted territory and be the first to capture it, or unite with other players and TAKE new tiles!
* Space age tactics! Customize your ships Battle Mods to outwit your opponents in combat!
* Ongoing dynamic battle saga. Grow strong and watch your enemies wither.
* No narrative, no fixed path. Choose your destiny and the fate of your colony.
* (Advanced players only) Conquer the Capital City and crown yourself King of a Planet!


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