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Gargantua Alpha – Spaceship Duel Game


If you like Spaceship, Duel, Space Battle, SF, this is your game!

Destroy, Adapt, Challenge!


* Operate various spaceships.
– Choose your favorite ship. From agile destroyers to gigantic battleships.
– 30 and more ships. And more coming.

* Duel against powerful enemies in an intense real time space battle.
– Beware of your foe. Don’t underestimate their strength. You can be destroyed by a single well placed volley.
– Outsmart your enemy. Intercept missiles, Absorb damage with your shield, Evade railguns.

* Improve and customize your own spaceship.
– 300 and more modules.
– Select your favorite weapon. Use Railgun, Plasma cannon, EMP, Laser and more to obliterate your foe.
– Defend yourself with Point defense, Shield, Sub thrusters, Repair crew and more.
– Equip and use various Items, Improvements, consumables.

* Make tactical decisions.
– Strategy is all that matters. Gain advantage against your enemy and improve yourself.
– Search wrecks for loot, scan your surroundings to find enemies, harass your adversary with long ranged attack.

* Play through randomized Universe
– Complete various missions and travel through space. Cleanse the area, do a reconnaissance mission or assassinate a powerful Elite.
– The galaxy is full of hazards and anomalies. Adapt to drastic environmental changes, such as Radiation storms or Dust clouds.
– Test your skill and luck. Make your way through unexpected situation.

* Compete with other players through the Leaderboard.
– Leaderboards are divided into multiple fields.
– Find your own strength. You may be the best warrior, or the most skilled survivor.

‘Guest’ System added. You can now play without registering.
Preparation phase tutorial added.
‘Damage Received’ Camera sequence added. (During Battle)
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