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Good Bye! Zombie Game


One day when the wind was blowing in gusts
One zombie suddenly appears in the city!

It starts to spreads the virus as if it cannot stand being the only zombie around
A few days after the virus spreads,
Most people turn into zombies, and
The city is isolated with completely blocked exits

The survivors can only wait for rescue while avoiding the zombies
There are six survivors!
The six survivors make a resolution
to find the exit route.

“We cannot just become a zombie like this!”

[Features of the game]
– Thrilling action game to hunt pouring out zombies!
– Huge city stage full of fear
– Various powerful special zombies and boss zombies
– Featured special weapons that can destroy zombies
– Kill the zombies and survive!

Special thanks, Jayden Roh


1. New System – “Mission”
2. Free food in the shop.
3. Can skip the round.
4. Fixed the game balance.
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