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Grenade Thrower 3D Game


Do you want to feel you as the grenade thrower? Destroy enemies with grenades! Throw grenades straight into the target! The game with the simple intuitive control. Aim and threw a grenade! See how funny your enemies explode and throw grenades exactly in the target! However, do not forget that you can become a victim of the explosion yourself, because the opponents also throw grenades at you.
In the first version of the game, you have the opportunity to earn points throwing grenades at the enemy and exploding it. The more explosions are the more fun and coins! See how your enemies fly into small pieces! On the coins earned by explosions in our shop, you can buy yourself helmets that will protect you and make the game even more interesting!
Destroy the enemies with grenades otherwise, the grenade will fly to you!
Enjoy the game!
The mechanics of the game are similar to spearman,archer and the catapult

The update changed the design of the game and physics, added new types of grenades!
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