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Guardians – defence of justice


Repel all attacks! Upgrade your warrior! Protect your base! You are being attacked by hostile units. Command the superheroes squad to survive the attack of ruthless clones made by evil genius August Kuratov.

Arsus – the invincible Russian bear in human’s body.
Ler – the ground and soil are on his side and easily obey to his magic hands.
Khan – Master of the blade. Deals with enemies faster than the wind.
Ksenia – Miss Guardians! In water she feels herself even more confident than any fish.

All together they are the Guardians!

Your mission is to defeat the main villain – Professor Kuratov.

P.S Without trying, you’ve already lost!

Good luck!

About the game:
Form your superheroes squad (Arsus, Ler, Khan, Ksenia)
Destroy enemies (soldiers, clones, robots)
Upgrade your weapon to defeat the strongest enemies.
Switch the heroes during the battle.
Upgrade your hero and use superpowers.
Collect trophy awards and bonuses.
Win this battle!

Download and play “Guardians” for free.
However, to complete levels and missions faster you can buy some upgrades for real money.


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