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Heroes Attack Alien Shooter Game


The big battle has begun now. Get your spaceship and effacer guns to save the earth from alien invasion and get ready to combat.

Upgrade your UFO vehicle, missiles, rockets, bullets and guns to defeat the monster aliens. Then start controlling your UFO spaceship, ammo and use power-ups when you needed to refresh your fuel and use defender, destroyer gun to kill bad running aliens and destroy their flying ships.

Collect gold coins to upgrade your spaceship, weapons and buy new boosters to get magic powers. Complete challenging missions to level up and unlock new armors, ships and ballistic missiles.

Get Ready to War! Attack the Aliens and Shoot the Bombshell to Smash Enemies!

Game Features:

✓ 8 skilled alien spaceships
✓ 9 exterminatory missiles
✓ 5 upgradeable bullets
✓ Multiple power-up items to have magic power
✓ Lots of compelling missions
✓ Multi-language support
✓ Changable medium and high graphic quality for different type of devices
✓ Highly addictive gameplay
✓ Spinning wheel of fortune for daily rewards
✓ Various flying and running away enemy aliens
✓ Smooth control and easy to use booster buttons
✓ Random and dashy scenes

Play Heroes Attack: Alien Shooter for free for as long as you enjoy. Go as far as you can go to be hero of the earth by wiping out alien invasion.


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