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Application for VPN service (ex
Please keep in mind that the application itself is free, however you need an access code for using it. You can get a 1-day code for free on our website or purchase a paid subscription for longer period at a good price.

Our VPN lets you:

– Protect your traffic from interception by provider or network administrator;
– Change IP address for your device and select the desired country or city (there are more than 40 countries and 70 cities available);
– Access websites and apps that were blocked earlier;
– Unlock VoIP / IP telephony (Skype, Viber, Zadarma etc);
– Remove any other restrictions imposed by your internet service provider;
– Visit any websites anonymously.

You don’t need to adjust anything to use VPN. Just enter the access code in the first screen and click “Enter”. The app will then receive all connection data automatically and offer you to select the desired server.

It’s worth remembering that the farther server is located from you the slower his operation is. If you need higher speed we suggest you choosing the nearest server.

Intermediate version fixing “Connect” button not working on some phones
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