Hit The Mole – Whack a Mole


Hit the mole- whack a mole is a fun game for toddlers, kids, teens and adults.
Angry moles are invading the garden. You have to get rid of them before time runs out! But beware, moles do not want to leave the garden and have organized to protect themselves from the blows and attack you. So hurry, take the hammer and whack the mole!

But keep in mind that some rabbits are still in the area, be careful not to hit them.

Hit the Mole – Whack a Mole, is a fun game suitable for all ages with 10 different levels that will ensure fun for long. Toddlers will have fun hitting everything that comes out of the hole, either moles or rabbits, regardless of the points. But as they grow, children are adapting to the complexity of the game and are able to distinguish between rabbits and moles to know who to hit. Teenagers and adults will enjoy with this addictive game.

The goal is simple: you have to get rid of all the moles on the screen before time runs out. Occasionally rabbits out of the holes, if you hit the rabbit or it explodes a bomb, you lose points. There are also moles that are angry and attack you, hurting the hammer and need more hits to destroy them. Each level consists of 10 screens with a time limit for each screen.

To hit the mole select the hammer and tap the screen with your finger.

When you pass each level or have enough points, you can buy some extras that will help you. To use them, select them first.

Bomb : Destroy everything that comes through that hole and nearby.
Power : Increase the intensity of the blow.
Elixir : Improve your hammer for a while.
Trunk : Cover a hole for a while
Stone : Cover the hole throughout the level


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