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Imperial War of Tomorrow Game


Welcome to the last world war. War without borders and states. People are scared and need a strong and confident leader who will lead them back to greatness. Are you up for the task, commander?

Revive cities and regions. Form your own army of fearless warriors ready to die for their leader. Team up with your friends to get control over whole continents on a real world map!

☢ Real world map
☢ Territory conquests and domination
☢ A wide range of modern infantry units and vehicles
☢ Strategic nuclear weapons
☢ Cooperative clan battles, quests and events
☢ Three different factions with unique features and units
☢ High-quality realistic graphics

☢ Constant flow of regular and time-limited events that will keep you busy


• Hero — a unique unit capable of speeding up research, boosting resource production, and increasing your army’s strength!
• In-game economy improvements — balanced costs of buildings and troops, corrected resource production speed, increased rewards for in-game activities.
• Updated technologies — an all-new research system provides you more freedom, while early technologies remain useful throughout the game.
• New combat units — a whole range of level 4 troops and vehicles has been added!
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