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Insomnia 7 Escape from the Mental Hospital Game


In this installment the circle of Insomnia closes where this time you are in the abandoned mental hospital, where terror has left its mark over the years, and possibly where everything began. You must find the exit quickly before your mind falls into madness and avoid the stalkers and marauders that you will find in your path and that only want to provoke in your mind terror and horror.

Improved graphics than in previous versions with a gloomy and dreary atmosphere, making it more scary to walk through the corridors of the abandoned hospital, where you will hear strange voices and see things that will cut your breath. We have improved the weight of the game without affecting the story, where this is the longest of all the Insomnia and with the greatest number of graphic elements. The lighting and atmosphere will make you enter a dark and terrifying world.

Find each element necessary to complete the puzzles by searching in every corner of the terrifying place. Combine objects and elements to create second objects that help you to continue the thread of the story.

We recommend playing in a room with low light and with the volume of your terminal to the maximum, so you will create the perfect atmosphere to enter the world of Insomnia.

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