Inst Big profile photo & Big Profile Picture


With InstBig you can view and download any Instagram DP to see it in Full HD. Simply enter a url for user profo and zoom the profile picture.

You can now save Inst image to INSTBIG folder or view it in gallary . Simply tap the download icon.


– Fast link only you need to copy url from profile
– View Picture in Full size and Full Resolution in HD
– No Login Required.
– Zoom and Download
– 3 Steps to View and Download.
– Simple and Quick
– DP in HD
– Copy description to clipboard

3 Steps to Download:-
– Copy profile-url
– Back to App
– Click image to see magic (Zoom,DownloadFast,Repost-Share)

if enable Fast Link you need one step only ; Just copy Insagram User Link
Enjoy Inst Big Profile Photo for Instagram app and please mail your suggestion to us before giving bad rating (


1. This App is not Affiliated with Instagram.
2. Please Report by Mail any Issues before giving a Bad Rating.
3. Any Unauthorized action or repost of photo or Violation of Intellectual Property rights is the sole responsibility of the user.
4. Please do not use BigProfile to save Photos without the Permission of the owners. Respect the rights if Instagram Users.


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