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Iron Football Roar Game


At the end of the century, the resources are exhausted, and you want to get valuable resources! For a fair contest, people have established a new competition! People drive a steel car to hit a huge steel football and shoot it into the opponent’s goal! Of course, you can use a variety of methods to obstruct or even destroy your opponent’s car. You need to use everything to win!

Game Features:
* A variety of century-end racing cars, different performances to help you defeat the enemy; you can get a whole view of the car in 3D mode, and you can replace all parts of the car, personalize your own car, make your car more powerful.
* Players can use all kinds of weapons equipped on the car to attack and block the enemy and fight for the ball
* Rich game mode, main line mission mode; 3V3 steel football confrontation; 3V3 free combat confrontation; steel football confrontation tournament; free combat confrontation competition, etc.
* Use different tactics cleverly to collect energy on the ground.
* Rich daily tasks, upgrade rewards and achievement rewards. So that you do not to worry about lack of game resources
* No internet required. You can play this game without Wi-Fi.

Game play:
Drag the left corner to simulate the joystick to control the movement of the car; hit the steel football to make it move, use the equipment button to attack the enemy or defense, and the team entry frame will win the game in a limited time.

Are you ready to win in the fierce competition for resources?

Drive your own exclusive car and fight for glory and resources!

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