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Killer’s Creed Soldiers Game


You were thrown out of the army because you do not respect the chain of command. You are a killer and you only follow your creed: You were born to fight!
Expert on martial arts, you are a warrior and you work alone… You are the best killer! That’s your creed! And that is the reason why now the army is searching for you: You were a valuable asset with highly confidential information and the soldiers will not let you go so easily. They do not want to risk that you share the intel with the press or with third countries…

It is time to leave the city and go to a safe place where nobody knows you! Escape from every soldier attack: Your goal is to survive until you reach a safe destination!

– Prepare yourself for an astonishing game playing the role of a killers against soldiers!
– You have the mission to survive every attack in an endless race through the city of Tokyo
– Intuitive mobile control for all skill levels: You just need to tap on the screen to avoid your enemies and collect all the coins
– Infinite game with different difficulty levels and nitro option to speed up!
– Realistic scene with incredible graphics in these addictive games
– The faster you run, the more chances you get to win these survival races across the city!
– Appropriate for kids and adults who love killers and soldiers games

Follow your creed! How long do you think you can you last in these thrilling races?


Bug Fixes!
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